Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tag about my name :) ~~ tagged by lynn

Rules: it's more difficult than you think! Copy this note, delete my answers and add yours. At the end, tag 10 friends. On every answer, use the first letter of your name. They must be real answers, do not invent! If the friend before you has the same letter, you must give different answers. You can't repeat twice the same word and cannot use your name for the answer referred to the female/male name.

Have fun!!

1. Your name: Iliani
2. A word of 4 letters: Idea
3. A male name: Idlan.
4. A female name: Imilin
5. A job: Interviewer
6. A color: Itam :P
7. An item of clothing: indonesian batik
8. A food: Ikan goreng :)
9. An item in the bathroom: Itik mainan
10. A place: Isetan
11. An apology to be in late: Ish, mintak maap la yer.. lambat sket ni.. :P
12. Something that you often cry out: Ieeee... geram betul!
13. A movie: Incredible hulk
14. A drink: iced tea
15. A band: i-bands (independent bands malaysia)
16. An animal: Itik
17. A road name: Ipoh kecil
18. A car: Iswara
19. A song: Ikan kekek mak iloi-iloi, ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai...Hahaha
20. An item in your room:
21. A flower: ixora
22. A nation: Italy
23. A city: Ipoh
24. An actor: ian somerhalder
25. A sport: Ice skating

Perghhhhh... nampak senang. Berpeluh gak nak bagi habis ni.. phewwww..
~Kali ni takde gambar. next entry la :)


Ayumieza said...

tau tak pe sama lah ngan nurul nak cari huruf pangkal yang sama bukan mudah wlaupun tgk sepintas lalu mcm senang je kan hehehehe

Liana said...

salam kenal dan salam ziarah...

lyn said...

alo alo alo.... soklan nombot 20 tidak berjawab! :P

color ITAM? mana ada daaaaa...

FarEast said...

byk btol cabaran n masalah time nak boarding ... kesian dd